Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I don't want to forget.

Lately she has been saying lots of new phrases/sayings but I think my favorites have been the following: Just fill in the blanks with whatever... it makes sense.

"that mama/dada?" (What's that mama/dada?)
" _____ is?" ( Where is ____?)
" _____ go?" ( Where did ______ go? )
" There is/ are" (There it is, or there you are)
"There you go" (When giving her babies something or giving us something)
"back" ( be back) holds up 1 finger and runs off to get whatever she wants.
"See?" (When she wants us to see something she just did- usually has a big smile on her face)
"Tada" (When she does a "trick")
"Jacie help!"
"Jacie try!"
and of course "Jacie go potty too" =) She can't be left out!

Todays car conversation:
Jacie: mama go!
Me: I can't, what color is the light?
Jacie: red
Me: What do we do at a red light?
Jacie: Stop!
Me: What color does the light need to turn for us to go?
Jacie: Green!
(The light turns green)

We then continues to name colors of things we could see out of the windows! She knows all her colors!

It is so crazy so we can have conversations now! I know that sounds silly but when did she get so big??

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