Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

Well it was only what.... 3-4 weeks ago???

On Monday (3/11) I had a dentist appt in the morning (fun!) Later that afternoon we went to the mall to ride the carousel and tried an Easter Bunny pic but that didn't work out

Tuesday (3/12) We went to hang out with my old friend and her kiddos! We went to a bounce place and since we got there when it opened it wasn't busy and the kids pretty much had the whole place to themselves for awhile. We then went back to her house and lets the kids play and play!

Wednesday (3/13) I had another doctor appt (my breaks always consist of doc. visits... its so fun) Ben took off the rest of that week so we all got to hang out! We took Jacie to see Escape to Planet Earth which she really did enjoy.

Thursday (3/14) We did lots of errands including some grocery shopping

Friday( 3/15) We did LOTS of playing! Indoor/outdoor... all day long! Including play doh which is a recent fav right now =)

Saturday (3/16) We went to County Critters Farm. They had their annual Easter egg hunt.

Sunday (3/17) It was St. Patricks Day. Jacie started the day with a green breakfast which she actually ate.

That night she went to bed completely healthy and woke up with the FLU!!! Crazy right?!?! I took off the next 2 days after and then Ben took off 2 days and by Friday she was good!!

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