Friday, March 1, 2013

2 3/4 year old

It is so hard to believe that my once little baby has 3 short months until she turns 3!!! It is also hard to believe that in the next 3 months it will turn from Spring to Summer and then Summer vacation! I can't wait! Also, Spring Break is only 1 week away!

I love watching her learn and grow. She has a great vocabulary and amazes me when I hear her use a hard word! She is curious and is always asking "what's that?" but once we tell her she does not forget! has a great memory and like I said you tell her something once and she's got it for good!

My current favorite phrases:
"I have a problem"- when she can't do something on her own
"It is a mystery"- when she can't find something

She LOVES Peppa Pig and loves pretending to play Peppa Pig. She says "you mommy pig, you daddy pig, I peppa pig" and we all act out scenes from Peppa Pig in a English accent!!

She really loves reenacting scenes from any movie or show!

Most of her play right is all imaginative... and what an imagination she has!

She has started liking Lalaloopsy too. They are really cute so I don't mind her interest! Poor Dora... she is so last year!

She is getting into princess' some. Her favorite is still Cinderella but we watch Tangled (Rapunzel) about once a week. I really enjoy Tangled!

We plays LOTS of "tea party" and "sleepover"

Her fear of Chuck e Cheese is still going strong! We tried going a few weeks ago and she enjoyed the games but once she would catch any glimpse of him she would freeze and cover her eyes... I am pretty positive we will not get such a cute smiling Easter Bunny picture as we did with Santa!

She LOVES going to her dance/gym class. We started it right before Thanksgiving and we haven't missed a week yet! She is getting much more confident in doing the activities and is willing to try the new skills at least once. We already signed up for Summer classes. They will be big girl classes since she will be 3! She will also be doing tap!

She is still a wonderful picky eater but sometimes surprises us in what she will try.

She is potty trained by day (underwear full time)  We haven't tried nap/bed time yet and one day she will get #2's. She just has to overcome the fear of public restrooms! She is sometimes willing to sit on the potty but only with the portable seat! Most of the time I would hear "NOO, I am going to fall in!" She only wants to wear underwear in public though so for the past month we have been doing outings with no pull ups and she has been doing really good.. no accidents

We saw Sesame Street Live last weekend! We will be seeing Winnie the Pooh later this month!

I can't believe my girl is growing so fast!!!!

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  1. She is so cute!!! And it sounds like she couldn't be doing any better. The fear of the public potty is common I hear. Our girls are going to be three...can't believe it.