Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4 Months!!!

Holy cow...is my baby really already 4 months old?!? Where does the time go? Seems like yesterday we were bringing home a tiny 5lb baby and now we have a 13lb baby who has the best little personality ever!! We took her today for her 4 month baby well check up. She got to see a new doctor since her pedi is out on maternity leave. She said Jacie looked great and has absolutely no concerns whatever and that Jacie isn't at all acting like she was 5 weeks early but is just like any other 4 month old. In her weight she is in the 50th percentile and head and length in the 25th. Let me remind you that Jacie was less than 5% in length and not even on the chart for head and weight when she was born. So she is chunking up and growing just great!!! She showed off her tummy time abilities and the doctor was really impressed on how she was doing. She is soooo close to rolling over now! About the possible teething...they are gum cysts. The doctor said they are completely normal and normally appear before the teeth arrive but there are no sings of teeth. Now to a first time mom who has never dealt with teething they definitely looked like teeth to me but now we know for sure. We got the all clear to start her on foods!! We are going to start with rice cereal tonight then move on to stage 1 foods in a week or so. I am so excited to try it for the first time tonight!! Picture to come for that =) I think I said everything that happened. OH MY...how could I forget!! SHOTS!!! She got the same shots she received at her 2 month appointment. She did pretty good. Screamed like crazy and it took her a little bit to calm down but she is a trooper. We don't go back again until 6 months in November. She will be receiving another rounds of shots including her flu shot!!

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