Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cleaning out the closet and dresser

Once again I had to clean out Jacie's closet and dresser. I knew she was in the last few weeks of some of her clothes but didn't actually realize how many no longer fit. I swear the girl grows over night some times.

Today we spent a lot of time of her tummy. I know going by her adjusted age she is technically a 2 month old still (almost 3) but most 4 month old babies are using their arms to keep them up on their bellies and rolling over so we just gotta practice practice practice so she can catch up! She is actually doing really awesome these last few days on her arms and actually not hating being on her tummy and can handle a few minutes before she starts her whining and then finishing with her full blown cries.

***update from Sunday- We did tummy time and being on the floor started my dog being all hyper and wanting to play so I started playing with her and to my surprise Jacie was lifting her head all the way up and laughing and giggling the whole time!!!! I believe I have found the secret weapon to tummy time! We spent about 30 minutes going from tummy and practicing rolling and there are no tears AT ALL!!! It was awesome

For a few weeks she started with the drooling, blowing bubbles and keeping her hands in her mouth. It has only gotten worse now and there are days the whole front of her shirt can get soaked in a matter of just minutes. Everyone has thought, could she possibly be teething? Well, the internet says although babies can start at 3 months the average is about 6 months. Well, I am actually feeling teeth when I rub my finger across the bottom gums! How crazy is that?? I guess we will find out for sure on Tuesday at her baby well check up.

Here are a few pictures of our growing girl

Practicing tummy time

Chewing on Sophie the giraffe

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