Monday, September 20, 2010

Future gerber baby?

During my medicine run to Target today a women stopped me and went on and on about how Jacie is the cutest baby she has seen and that I need to get her into modeling! She gave me a name of an agency in Dallas and told me that there is no doubt that Jacie would be chosen for the agency. That we could have her college paid for and so on and so on. I do agree that Jacie is adorable but a model? I just don't know. She even added that Jacie was gerber baby cute =) Too bad I can't take any credit for Jacie's cuteness considering she still doesn't look anything like me.

Here is a super cute picture of our gerber baby =)


  1. It's true, she's adorable. It sounds crazy to get an agent for a baby...but maybe? Doesn't hurt to try!!! I say do it!

  2. HAHA...Yea, it would be great to pay off some debt and the house and buy a beach house or something!!! Ben and I said she would be one of those kids whose parents spend all their money =) But really, we are not 100% sold on the idea but it would be awesome if she did get gigs!