Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lets start from the beginning...

On Sunday, October 25 I decided to take a pregnancy test. Before it was even done the wonderful + sign showed up. I was in complete shock and started a weird laughing/cry thing. Throughout the day I took a total of 3 tests since I was in total disbelieve =) Ben was at work that morning so I knew I could "surprise" him with the good news when he got home.

My surprise plan is as followed:
We got a package in the mail the night before that was never opened. I "opened" it and put my tests and 2 baby onesies inside. When Ben got home I asked him what the box was. He said it was just our paperwork. When he picked up the box he shook it and heard something inside. He opened it and pulled out the onesie. It took him a second to catch on but when he did he got a big smile and definitely was surprised.

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