Friday, February 5, 2010

20 week ultrasound

This morning I had my autonomy scan and all was perfect. Baby is measuring right on target and all her insides and outside parts are in place =) When the ultrasound started she was busy playing with her little foot! I love seeing her move around and stretch our her legs and arms. I believe I am close to feeling her move around. I think I feel her at some times but I am still not sure if that is her or not.

Since we now know 100% that baby is a baby girl we are fully geared up to begin work on the nursery. This weekend we are going to buy the furniture. I bought a quilt today for her bedding also. The most fun thing I have done so far is making her name letters. I hope they will looks good hanging above her crib, but I guess we will find out soon! I am not very creative but thought it would be fun to try to be =)

We are lucky to already be starting with a cute room!

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