Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby's first pictures!

My first ultrasound appointment was on Wed, Nov. 18. I was waiting for that day for what seems like FOREVER! I had so many emotions going in; worried that something might be wrong, excitement for waiting to see the baby on the screen, and anxiousness for getting it started. As soon as she started I was searching all over the screen for the little flicker of the heartbeat.
The doctor kept stopping the image to explain what she saw, she said everything looked great and then zoomed onto the baby. That is when I saw the flicker. She turned on the volume and we heard the heartbeat. The baby's heart was beating away at 160bpm, which is awesome! Everything was perfect and it was just an amazing day to know that baby is indeed really in there and growing!!
As for my due date. They are keeping it at June 29, 2010. The baby was measuring 4 days behind that (which that is what I already figured since I am not a 28 day cycle) and they said as long as baby is measuring within 5 days then they keep it the same. is actually measuring for the due date of July 3, 2010. But with only 8% of women actually delivering on the due date both are just good estimates.

Okay so here are the pictures!

This is a 3D image of baby

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