Wednesday, September 28, 2011

16 months old

Well Jacie has only 2 more months until she is officially a 1 1/2 year old!!! I love watching her become such a little girl.

She is...
21lbs 3oz

Still holding strong on those spring/summer outfits in sizes 6-9 to 12 months. Once Fall FINALLY comes though (high 90's tomorrow!!!) she will be retiring those outfits!!! Then she should only be in 12-18 month clothes but only 12 month pants which are now just at the perfect length.. some are still even too long!

Wearing 4 or 4.5 shoes with room to grow (she does have a few very cute size 5 shoes waiting including a pair of Dora shoes waiting ;)

up to 10 teeth now. It is very dangerous to put your finger in her mouth nowadays but I decided I wanted to check it out and sure enough found that 2 had popped through on top.

Verbal Skills
panting or does hmm hmm hmm for the bark (dog)
roar (for lion, tigers and bears)
ooh ooh (monkey)
tick tock ("ic ok")- clock
mama (for her mommy)
ma ma (she calls her babies mama too (but in a higher tone) because they cry for their mama
dog ( she only says it for dogs in books... sometimes)
uh oh
yay ("ey" while clapping when we finish singing a song)
shhh ( whenever she sees something sleeping, or her babies are sleeping)
yum ( says it while rubbing her tummy)
no (and shakes her head)
done (and signs all done)
mine (when you take something away from her)
hello ( "eh oh"- when she holds a phone up to her ear)
ouch (when she pinches toes)

Has learned...
where her belly button is

if you say something is stinky, she will grab her nose and hold it. She loves the stinky feet game

she can stomp her feet- loves to do it during "when you're happy and you know" or Dora songs
also has started to stomp her feet during a tantrum

to put her babies to bed- She lays them in their crib, gives them a bottle, and rocks them to sleep and says "shhhhh" and then lays down next to them.

cover her mouth when coughing... or pretend coughing

scrunches her nose for what bunnies do

First ear infection (3 days before we got on a plane)

First plane ride to New York. Actually 4 plane rides to be exact and she was awesome through all of them.

First hotel stay which she also did amazing with sleeping for naps and night time in the hotel crib.

What mama has learned...
Taking a "good" picture of a 15 month old is nearly impossible!

2 pieces pajamas are much easier to put on a toddler

Little girl shoes are addicting!

** picture post to follow

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  1. Happy 16 months little lady! Sounds like she's doing perfectly and I nod my head along with most since today my little girl turns 16 months too =)