Sunday, September 25, 2011

The beginning of a toddler room

Well this weekend I got busssssssssy! I know what I have wanted to do for months now but said I could wait until Christmas break to do it but I have begun. I am nowhere near done but so far I love how it is looking and how everything is beginning to have a place.

Since school has started back all 3 of us get about an hour to night to be together before her bedtime, and for the past few weeks that hour has been spent in her bedroom playing. So I wanted to move more things in for playtime, and plus de-clutter the living room a bit.

So here are some updated pictures of her nursery transformation (tear)
I am standing at the door looking in. I moved the dresser into the closet and now the ball pit/diaper storage green bin is there now.

Her "pretend play" area.

Her library

Toys inside the canvas bins and her bigger toys on top and beside the crib

Next room update will be when the glidder goes away. I am thinking a art area =)

*** Next house will have a playroom ;)

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