Saturday, April 28, 2012

23 months

I have no idea how it happened but there is only 1 more month and Jacie will be 2!!!

Favorite games this past month have been:
"1, 2 boo"- she runs into a closet and closes the door to only leave a crack, then she counts in a whisper "1, 2, 3" then pushes the door open and yells "BOO!"

Momma and dada playing baby- We are the babies and cry "momma" and she feeds us or gives us a bottle, then she gives us a big hug and tells us "its okay" Lately she has been playing baby and lets me hold her like a baby for maybe a few seconds ;) 

Doctor- She loves playing doctor with the kit she got for Christmas. She checks our ears, listens to our heart, tells us "ahhhh" to check our mouth, and gives us or herself shots and says "ouch ouch" and pretend cries.

"Catch you me"- that is what she calls when she wants us to chase her outside

She loves for us to make her stuffed animals cry and talk! Dada does it best! 

Makes an Elmo voice (high pitch) and a Cookie Monster voice (scary monster) !

Got her last top canine tooth. Now on to the 2 year molars!

Can count to 10 with a little help! I didn't realize this until a few weeks ago when I said "4"  after she said "1, 2, 3" and then she kept going! I was so surprised. She isn't perfect at it yet but we are practicing

Knows her last name. When asked what her name is she will say " Jacie _____"

Able to name lots of colors now and can ask for them by name in the bath tub when she wants the bath crayons or bath fizz tablets.

Made the switch to a toddler bed this month and did amazing!!!

Lost her interest in the potty this month. When asked she just replies "no" We still sit on it every once and awhile but no luck. Last week I did start her back at it after dinner setting a timer for 5 minutes just to get her back to getting use to it. Every time she points to her sticker chart and talks about her "sickers" (that don't exist yet)

Talks up a storm and repeats lots of things we say.

We are starting to be able to converse back and forth to her

Loves being outside and is constantly asking to go outside. She got a few new outside toys which makes it even harder to resist going. Both grandparents gave her some early birthday gifts so she can actually enjoy them before it gets way too hot. She got a play house and a water/sand table.

Before I took these pictures I  asked her "Do you want to take your pictures?" Jacie replied "No thank you!" At least she is polite =)

Well it is time to get done to business!!!  I only have 4 weeks to get my party planning on!!! 

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