Monday, April 2, 2012

Big girl

Yesterday at dinner Jacie sat in a booster seat! She did amazing!! She sat still the whole time and ate her food and kept it all on the table. She saw the seats on top of the highchairs when we went over and asked for it and sure enough she could use it!!! It's just another sign that she is becoming a big girl!! sigh....

On a side note, she is very in love with going outside!! It is one of the 1st things she wants to do when she wakes up on the weekends and the first thing she wants to do when we get home. If it was up to her she would spend all day outside. This weekend we started using a timer so she knows when the timer goes off it is time to come in. I don't mind being outside right now but I am not looking forward to the 100+ texas summer we are going to have in a few months. She did get a new outside toy last week and this weekend we built it. She definitely loves the house... especially the working doorbell =)

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