Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's only October!

She has become very aware of the sun these last few weeks. Weekday mornings when we wake her up said tries to tell us it is still night time, and then on weekend mornings she is always so excited when she wakes up because the sun came back! With nap time she tries to convince us its still morning and she can still play, and then at bedtime she always sees that the sun went byebye.

Last night she looked out her window like she has been doing and instead of talking about the sun she started talking about Santa! She starts yelling out "Santa coming Santa coming with reindeer, bring me presents" I have no idea what made her think of Santa since we have been focusing on Halloween! I had to break it to her it is not Christmas yet and he will come on Christmas Eve but we have to have Halloween and Thanksgiving first. Her response was "OH" and then she grabbed her Halloween books to read.

Hard to believe next weekend is the last weekend before Halloween! 


  1. Cute! Trying to grasp time is really little girl is really struggling with last week, yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week. It all kind of runs together for them =)

  2. UHM.... my kindergardeners are still trying to figure those out =)