Saturday, January 29, 2011

8 months old

Hard to believe that I have been watching Jacie grow up for 8 months now.

Here are some of her latest doings:
-Wearing size 3 diapers
-Wearing 6-9, 9, and sometimes 12 month clothes
-On a great schedule with drinking 3 bottles a day and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner solid foods with a snack in the afternoon.
-Is officially getting herself into the crawling position! Now when she gets there she hasn't quite figured out what to do but she is rocking.
-Her way to traveling right now it just scooting and rolling but she can really get anywhere
- We baby-proofed some this month and it has already paid off with low drawers she has tried to open and edges of tables.
-Started "stranger danger" =(
- can stand and hold herself up if holding onto something and is even brave enough to do it 1 handed sometimes.
- She is working on pulling up! If you hold your hands out she can grab them and pull up but no other way just now.
-Can almost go from the sitting position to her tummy!
- Has just started going from sitting to crawling position
- Will reach and stretch to get something she really wants.
- Has been wearing her DOC band for 5 weeks
- says "da da"
- Some of the sounds she is making are "ha, la, ga, na, ba, da, ah, oh, eh" Those are a few I can remember. Her newest one is "na" which isn't too far from "ma" but she doesn't have that just yet :/
- She has learned how to shake her head no, although she doesn't know what it means. She looks adorable doing it and its pretty funny when she does it after we ask her a question.
-She has started scrunching her nose up and will huff and puff.
-Loves to hit her hands on things, especially hard floors and hard tables.
- Loves to splash and play in the bath tub
-Siting in a big girl car seat
- Is still an awesome sleeper
- Is still toothless!

Well that is all I can think of right now. She is a ball of energy and just learning and changing so fast!

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