Sunday, January 9, 2011

weekend recap

Well, I went back to work after having 2 great weeks off. Jacie is just growing and changing everyday!! Over the break she began to scoot everywhere!!!! Today she actually was starting to get her legs bent up...all she needs to do is learn how to get them under her and she will be crawling. Yesterday, we were out and about shopping. We needed to get some 9 month outfits since she is now busting out of 6 month. Its crazy that my 7mth old is now in 9 mth clothes. I just always thought she was going to be little!! I took out the rest of her 6-9 clothes (that are more spring) and 12mth clothes that I bought or got as gifts before she was born and washed them today too. So we'll see how those work out in the coming months. We also said goodbye to her infant car seat :( We needed some more head room now and plus its not easy carrying it around with a big ole' baby inside.

Today, was actually pretty low key. We didn't do anything or go anywhere because of SNOW! Not much snow I should say but it was still nice. Since this was her 1st snow we had to capture a few pictures too. We bundled her up and went out. We only stayed out for like 5 minutes before the poor girl was too cold!

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