Wednesday, December 28, 2011

19 months old

Are the months just getting shorter?? I feel like I just did the 18 month post!!!

She is slowly growing into those 18 month pants. Depending on the brand some are still way to to big/long and some fit good. My favorite are her skinny jeans!! Some of her 12 months jeans still fit.. they aren't quite high waters yet. She is wearing 18 month tops, with just a few exceptions.

She has grown out of a few pairs of her shoes this month. She still has some good fitting 4's but depending on the brand she can wear a size 5 now... She is really at that in between size right now.

New words: ball, backpack, map, more, ear, egg, book, bird, bug, star, cookie, toes, door, spoon, bowl, blue.

Said "No mama" which is the 1st time we have heard her say 2 words together. She was not telling me no. I was walking out of the room and she didn't want me to leave.

Her new signs are: clothes, sleepy, bicycle, water, star, grass, diaper, potty

She can now "oink", make an elephant noise while making her hand a trunk, and howl like a wolf

She loves to make people laugh. She will do something she knows is silly just to get a laugh.

Loves to play with buckles.

Decided she does not always like diaper changes so we have to sing the diaper dance to get her excited =)

Still giving us random hugs and kisses all the time which is the best!

Celebrated her 2nd Christmas and loves all her new toys.

Finally has a playroom!!! I thought about doing it forever and finally did it and we all love it especially after Christmas ;)

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  1. Aww, happy 19 months little Jacie! All your holiday photos on FB were just so cute =)