Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dora love

If I haven't stated it enough on here then I let me say it again Jacie is in love with Dora the Explorer!!! I don't remember exactly when her obsession started but it was somewhere around 8 months old. She would squeal and shake around as soon as she would hear the theme song. Now that she is older she interacts with the show so much. She answers their questions, points to the screen and does what they say to do. She can say Dora, Boots and her newest word is Backpack. Her Christmas presents are going to consist of LOTS of Dora related things... including her very own backpack with map!! I already know her 2nd birthday WILL BE a Dora theme. At her photo session last weekend she even got pictures taken with Dora and Boots dolls. Well, last week one of my very talented friends made Jacie a Boots hat and we got it in the mail yesterday. He is truly adorable and she did such an awesome job for this being her 1st Boots she ever made =)

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