Sunday, December 11, 2011

Watching Santa Claus

So I heard about Portable North Pole last year and created some movies for my nieces but this year I decided to make one for Jacie!! I know she is still too young to fully understand what is going on but she is IN LOVE with Christmas already! She has been since October when they first started putting Christmas items into stores. She gasps and claps when she sees anything Christmas related.

The 1st time she watched it I was recording from behind so I missed all her ohhhh and ahhhs and showing Santa her sing language "please" and "thank you" ! So we had to watch it again so I could get a better recording. She wasn't as interested the 2nd time around but she stayed for a little bit.

We plan on visiting the real Santa on Thursday afternoon. Part of our daily Christmas gifts from my principals is an early release day for the teachers! I am hoping the line won't be too busy at that time.

Also we are still waiting to get her 18 month pictures taken. The weather has not been kind so we have been rescheduling for the past 3 weeks! So far we have next Saturday scheduled. Mother nature better be at her best so we can get these pictures done!

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  1. She's so adorable!!! I know I keep saying that but it's honestly the only word that comes to mind when I see her =) Hope she likes Santa and her pics go great. Can't wait to see them!