Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's a language explosion!

In the back of my mind I was alway concerned about her language skills which I know I honestly had NO reason too but once I got it in my head I couldn't get it out! It started at her 15 month doctor appointment where we were asked how many words she could say and we really didn't have a good number to reply and she said animal sound don't count. She gave us info on early invention and I said " I think we will give her some more time and wait until 18 months to make that decision" With her being 5 weeks early and then her 15 month appointment being 2 weeks early it was like we were bringing in a 13 month old in!!!!! At least that is how I looked at it. I am glad I did because in those 3 months her verbal skills got bigger and bigger and by 18 months she was able to say 20-30 words/sounds if not more!

Today at 19 1/2 months she is learning new words daily! Every month on her monthly updates I have been able to list the words/sounds she is saying and so far this month I have kept up at this point but I am already up to 20 new words in 2 weeks! It is insane how much she is picking up and our understanding of each other and with others is improving. Only when she is beyond tired or frustrated she can't/WON'T communicate well but when she calms down she can tell me what she wants and no longer be upset. Of course her sign language has always been a huge help and still is in that department.

She is also started to put 2 word phrases together and is trying to repeat almost everything we say! I am glad she is continuing to grow up and learn so many new things but some days I miss the teeny tiny baby we once had!!!


  1. Isn't it so fun when they increase their communication =) Personally I most enjoy that they get frustrated so much less.

  2. Yes ma'am. SOOOOOOOOO much easier when there is not much frustration.