Saturday, January 21, 2012

Playroom.... Finally!!

We do not have an extra bedroom for a playroom but we did have a dining room that was NEVER used! We got that dining set when we lived in our apartment and I always said it was too "fancy" for a regular kitchen table so I wanted a dining room! Now after our wedding we got China so of course I needed a china hutch to match that dining set..HA.. Only time that room was ever used was for Jacie's 1st birthday food. So unfortunately that room became a storage room and a room for dust/spider webs to collect (yuck)

So... fast forward to now... having a toddler with a bajillion amount of toys that were over flowing the living room and bedroom I knew we needed to do something! We made the decision to sell our glass top kitchen table (the one I thought was more kitchen like) and moved in our "fancy" table. We moved our china hutch onto a wall I never thought I would put something like that and ya know what... I actually really like the way it looks!

Then we completely flipped our living room. Where the couch use to be is now where the entertainment center is and vice versa on top of a brand new sectional couch since our couch ripped. That said couch is now living in the playroom as more of a kid couch... I mean its ripped, so spills and stains will not do anymore damage.

Now onto the playroom. With the money we got from the table we purchased a toy storage and a toy chest that now houses all her stuffed animals (but that is in her room). We moved in lots of her big toys and some of her new Christmas toys/ older toys, the old couch and used some pinterest ideas and then BAM! We have a playroom =) I am pretty sure we all love this room and we spend lots of time in there together playing. It was definitely worth it and made me think "What made us wait this long to do it?"

Family portrait wall and a 20x30 canvas of my new favorite picture over the old couch! We also plan on moving the chandelier up or taking it down.. With the slide bus right under it no one is banging their head on it now although I don't have that problem since I am a shorty!

New toys and alphabet wall stickers. She loves pointing to the ones she knows and telling us what the pictures are of.
The other side of the room by the front door. The toy storage bin, her oil pan magnet board, the crayon J and the beginning on her "Masterpiece" wall. I just need to buy the wording to stick up.

The view of the hall leaving the room. The mirror will be hung on that wall and that is her "new" activity maze cube by the couch.


  1. Lucky little girl, that playroom rocks!!!

  2. Lovely room. Yes, I am heading the same direction of converting unused Dining room to Play room. I am telling myself, we bought the house for our baby to grow in and enjoy, not for occasional visitors to feel comfortable sitting down at a dining table for dinner. You are my first inspiration.