Saturday, January 28, 2012

20 months!

OH MY! Are there there really only 4 months until Jacie turns 2?!?!

New words: shoe, socks, bear, bubble, bath, bus, car, circle, cracker, boat, ah-choo (fake sneeze) fish, pig, turtle, wow, juice, cute cute (thats how her mama says it), puzzle, bottle, eat, Tico, Benny, Isa (Dora characters), Big Bird, Cookie Monster is "cookie", tree, flower, booger and poo poo (those last 2 ones are great to know! HAHA)
* OKAY OKAY! I gave up after 2 weeks of trying to keep track!!!! She is learning too many too fast and I am having a hard time catching up! She is able to repeat everything we say so I honestly have no clue how many words she can say. I love that she is learning so much!!

Can say her name and recognize herself in pictures and says "baby jacie" to her baby pictures.

Can call our dog by her name "Sophie" although our cat is still "meow meow" We're working in his name...

Says "I Love you!".... if her own cute baby way of course!!

She can say almost all of the Dora characters now.

Still loves to sing and dance. She can do moves to so many songs now and will do them over and over again.
Using 2 word phases more

LOVES babies!! She got to met 2 real babies this month! She was very excited. She loved all their "accessories"

Loves to copy everything daddy does.

Holds up her play camera and say "eeeeeeeessssseee" (cheese)

She is loving to count although her counting goes like this "one, two, one, two, one two..." but it is to dang cute when she does it!

Can take her socks, shoes, jacket, and pants off. She pulls her shirts down and tries to take her diapers off too.

Can now identify all the shapes... still working on colors.

Her top right canine tooth popped through.

Loves baths more than ever since she got all her cool new bath toys and bubbles! She asks for 1 all the time and gets mad when it is not bath time. When it is bath time she yells "BATH BATH," signs bath and runs to the bathroom.

Ended her 19th month by getting diagnosed with RSV :( 20 month pictures are going to have to wait until next weekend!


  1. So sorry to hear she has RSV! Seems like this age is the time for the language explosion. I hear it just keeps going =)

  2. Its crazy how their language just develops so fast at his age.... Have fun with your cute little doll ;)