Sunday, February 5, 2012


Jacie is not ready to potty train and neither are we, but I have read let them "practice" for a while before they truly start. I told myself I wasn't going to buy a potty until Jacie started showing readiness signs. This weekend she did just that!

Yesterday when we were about to leave I told her "Lets go change your diaper" I felt it and it was dry so I said "nevermind, you are good" and I started to walk away. She then started saying "uh uh mama pee" and was patting her diaper. I then felt her diaper and sure enough it was warm! I am so impressed! She did this out of nowhere!

Then today I was in the laundry room and heard her whining. When I went to see where she was and what she was doing she was standing with her legs apart and scrunched down and patting her diaper saying "poo poo". She had indeed gone # 2 in her diaper!!

Yesterday as soon as I got the potty out of the box she took a seat in the middle of the living room fully clothed! I got it all put together and we moved it into the bathroom, I got her diaper off and she sat right down and started pushing =) I had no idea she would know to do that!! Of course nothing came out and nothing has yet to come out when we have tried but she has completely impressed me already!!! I honestly do not plan on really potty training her until this summer when I can be home with her full time, but there is no harm in trying until then!!

I remember seeing this potty awhile ago way before I was even pregnant and thinking it was just the cutest thing ever! The potty sings when it detects you have gone to the bathroom and it has a "flusher" and a toilet paper holder (that is pushed in now) I just love that it looks like a miniature toilet!

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  1. That is SUCH a cute potty! Way to go Jacie, such a big girl =)