Saturday, February 18, 2012

So polite

This girl is so polite and has always been as soon she learned how to sign please and thank you. When asked to say them she would always sign it without any hesitation. These past few weeks she has learned to now say please and thank you. Just like before when asked to say please she does "pllllllllllllllease" while rubbing her chest (the sign)... now thank you is another story. Although it is completely adorable she is saying thank you for everything. Of course every time you hand her something she replies "thank you" but also when she grabs or takes something from us she runs off and says "thank you" too! These are things she did not ask to have, they are things she just rips out of our hands!

I just reply, "you did not ask, but thank you for saying thank you" =)


  1. Adorable! Our little girl gets "thank you" and "welcome" a little confused...cracks us up.

  2. She doesn't even know welcome yet, so I bet that will also confuse her too :)