Friday, November 23, 2012

Cookie the elf

Today we introduced Jacie to the elf on the shelf. We have already watched the show a few times so she is aware of the idea of the elf. We watched it again today and then after the show was done "someone" knocked on the front door. She ran to the door to see who it was. She opened it up to find the elf on the self box. She was excited and carried it in. We came to the couch and opened it up and read the book together.

Afterward, we asked her what she was going to name it and she refused to answer. She wouldn't say anything and just grunt or make funny noises. We kept telling her the elf needed a name or he was going to back to Santa and be so sad that she didn't name him. This went on for a while. Finally, like an  hour later she said she wanted "Cookie" to be his name.

She was finally excited again about Cookie. We put him on the mantel in his box and she kept saying "hi Cookie" over and over. We left the house later and she made sure she told Cookie "bye"

I think Cookie is going to be a good addition to our house this season =)


  1. Fun! We are thinking about getting one this year too...

  2. I know they won't "get it" completely this year, but its been fun so far and we are only 1 day in. You should get 1.