Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 1/2

Jacie is officially the big 2.5! It is so hard to believe that it has already been 6 months since her birthday and then in another (most likely fast) 6 more months she will be 3!!

She is truly the best thing ever and I love spending every second I can with her. We can now have the best conversations and she says the funniest and something craziest things. I love when she says something and my thought is "where in the world did she learn that?" That just truly shows me how smart and observant she really is!

I couldn't even tell you what has changed in the past 3 months although I would love to try...

- She has become a huge Toy Story fan, but her favorite TV show is Peppa Pig. Around Halloween she LOVED watching Disney's Halloween Treat (a bunch of older Disney shorts put together that fit into the Halloween theme). After Halloween she got her to watch Mickey's Christmas Carol and now that is almost a daily thing she wants to watch. She loves to say "Bah Humbug!"

- She loves reenacting experiences that we have or do (example... she is still giving her Dora people a "hayride" and we did that back in October). Her imagination just keep growing and growing!

- She loves to pretend to be animals, the most common ones she pretends to be is a dog, cat, frog, butterfly, bee, and a spider. She loves to get "squashed" (by her blanket) when she is a spider.

- She can use zippers now so she can take off her boots or take off her jackets, which is normally followed by "I take my shoes off all by myself" or "I take my jacket off all by myself"... She is in the independent phase where she wants to do everything "by myself" or "me do it" "me help"

- She now says her whole name (first, middle, last) when asked what her name is. People don't expect 3 names at once so they get thrown off sometimes =)

- She is now telling us when she is hungry. For some reason she use to just scream "want cookie eat" over and over when she was hungry. No idea where that came from but we knew what it meant, Lately though she was finally been telling us "I'm real real hungry (while rubbing her tummy)"

- She is really into emotions of people around her or in books/ t.v. She knows lots of different ones such as (happy, sad, mad, angry, scared, frustrated) We have a book on emotions that she likes to read.

- Started dance/ gymnastics class. She did such a great job! Hope she continues to love it

- Can tell if someone is a boy or girl, and likes to go through our families and tell us who is a boy and who is a girl.

- potty training? hopefully I will have more to report in the next 3 months...

- she already loves Christmas and it just started. She loves looking at the Christmas lights outside our neighborhood, she wants our tree on 24/7 and loves going to find "cookie the elf" every morning. I can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning!!

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  1. It's so fun to read her lists =) Sounds like she's doing great and her little face just makes me smile!