Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent activity calender days 1-10

A few months ago I ordered a Santa Claus Advent calendar from Pottery Barn. We started doing our activities on Dec. 1. I have told Jacie what number to look for and she brings me the little paper inside. Her face is so cute and she looks so happy when she is carrying it over...she has been able to identify 1-10 on her own, we'll see how well she does tomorrow =) This is what we have been doing for the past 10 days. 

Day 1- Go to ICE
Day 2- Help decorate Aunt Tiki's Christmas tree

Day 3- Create an Elf on the shelf color book

Day 4- Decorate the window with clings
Day 5- Do a Gingerbread craft with mama

Day 6- Color a Christmas picture

Day 7- Go to Prairie Lights
Day 8- Go to Creative Hands to make presents

Day 9- Drink hot chocolate with marsh mellows

Day 10- Get new Christmas pajamas ( this is her new monkey face)


  1. Oh, so much fun! I hope to do an advent calendar with Mason next year!

  2. So cute! I totally wanted to document each day of advent Christmas fun I've planned/done with Eva but my crazy blog is still not working right. But I love that you can share your ideas!