Thursday, April 15, 2010

29 weeks

Well, I am still here on bed rest. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks now! I will say, although I get super bored, these past weeks have gone by pretty fast. I do have an update from my doctor... a good update. Since I have been doing good for these weeks(my bp is stable), I am back to only a once a week appt and a once a week sonogram. Once I hit week 36, then I will get my bi-weekly appts and bi-weekly sonograms. BUT...she did say she wouldnt be surprised if Jacie gets here in the first weeks of June, so I might not make it to 36 weeks. Either way, I am glad everything is looking good!!

We do have the infant care class on Monday night and since I can not attend :( Ben will be going and learning all about babies on his own and then tell me all about what he learned. I did want a "play" with one of those baby dolls like you see in the movies, but oh I said before, nothing is really working out the way I thought it would.

On that note, I come to my next baby shower! Of course I wanted the big fun "OMG" party before the baby gets here like most people do, but then again I can not. So instead, my aunt is putting together a web baby shower. Check out to learn now. I will have my own webpage and since we have nothing for Jacie, this is a necessity shower. We hope to get things that we really need for her first few weeks at home. Then sometime in July I will have my real party baby shower to celebrate Jacie!

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