Tuesday, April 27, 2010

7 month survey + pictures

How Far Along? 31 weeks!

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 12 lbs still... haven't gained any this month

Maternity Clothes? my wardrobe now a days consists of a baggy t-shirt and pj pants...I only get dressed when I go to doctor appts

Sleep? Trying to get all I can while I can. I still toss and turn most of the night, but I think I am
sleeping better. It is probably because I know I don't have to wake up and go to work.

Best Moment of the Week? A good doctor appt and knowing she is growing how she is suppose to be.

Movement? Oh yes!! Somedays I feel like she doesn't stop.

Food Cravings? Right now, I really want pizza!!!! =)

Food aversions? Nothing lately.Morning sickness? NEVER!!!

Gender? Still a girl =)

Labor Signs? Nope, I haven't even experiences Braxton Hicks yet.

Belly Button? Still an inny

What I miss: Being able to be out and about when I want to. Bed rest sucks!!

What I'm looking forward to: reaching the 34 week milestone

Milestones? Making it almost 4 weeks on bed rest and not losing my mind!!!

"Good things come in large bellies"

31 weeks

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