Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7 months!

Well, its definitely not the way I thought I would be starting out my 7th month but I have to keep my eyes on the prize... Jacie, of course!!! I had my first specialist appointment yesterday morning and now instead of moderate bed rest, I am on STRICT bed rest. I really wasn't expecting to continue it since my protein was normal and my bp was good, but he believes I am in the beginning stages of preeclampsia and all we can do is slow down the process because the only way to "treat" preeclampsia is delivery and we don't want to go there yet unless its absolutely necessary. I know whatever happens Jacie and I will be okay. I am going to the specialist once a week and my regular doctor once a week. Jacie will get seen twice a week on ultrasound, so if anything starts to look funny, they will catch it very quick!! The doctor did mention that if I can hold her in for the remainder of my weeks, I will be induced by week 38. So either way she will be in less than 10 weeks!!

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