Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A case of the hiccups!

I thought I had felt Jacie hiccup about 3 weeks for the first time, but I know for sure yesterday was the real deal. I was laying down doing my bed rest thing and I started feeling her move around. Whenever I feel her move I automatically touch my belly to feel her (I will miss that when I am not pregnant anymore). So, I have my hand there and start counting the "kicks" since that is also what I do when I start feeling her move. I start feeling a bump bump bump bump so rhythmic and when I got to 50 in my counting I just stopped and continued to just enjoy the show. It was very cute =) Also, she is being such a jitter bug today. I thinks he has moved more today then ever. It was been pretty much all day long with short breaks here and there.

We are both very happy that she is still where she is suppose to be at 30 weeks!! Won't be much longer now. Lets make it to 34 and then I will be able to breathe a lot easier!!!

Tomorrow, I have my only doctor appointment this week. Although I know I have had a massive amount of ultrasounds than the "normal" prego women, I still look forward to seeing her every time. I am pretty sure tomorrow will make it the 10th time for an ultrasound. They are reassurance that she is growing and doing what she is suppose to be doing.


  1. Hiccups?? How funny...can you see it? Or just feel it? Sounds like you and Jacie are doing well!

  2. I can see my tummy go up and down and can feel it! It was pretty funny!!