Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Bunny

Can I just tell you how much she loved the Easter bunny! I thought she was going to scream but NOOOOOOOO. As soon as she saw him she starting squealing and smiling. He waved at her, she waved at him! I put her in his lap and walked away and still no problems. Took about 4 seconds to get a smile and DONE!....only thing is after it printed I noticed the giant bunny shadow in the background BUT I love the picture none the less =)

Next up on our Spring photo line up will be Bluebonnets! We just gotta find the perfect place ;)


  1. You are single handedly responsible for me now needing a picture of Kylie with the Easter Bunny =) Great picture!!!

  2. OF COURSE Kylie needs a picture with the Easter Bunny!!!!!! It wouldn't be Easter without one ;)

  3. I cant find ANY bluebonnets this year :( Ive been looking everywhere. Hopefully you can get some good pics ;)