Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings....

Okay so look back oh 2 posts ago and you will see the theme for J's birthday party BUT give that idea 1 week and I changed my mind once again. This time has to be final though because I just purchased pretty much EVERYTHING!!! We are back to bumble bees =) I even plan on throwing some creativity into it as well so I need to get busy!!!

Tonight I noticed tooth #3 is in!! The top left popped through and I can see the other 1 is right behind it just like the bottom 2 were.

I am looking forward to Jacie's 1st Easter on Sunday!
Her Easter basket is now complete with her new Dora doll!!!! We have seriously looked everywhere and tonight I finally found 1 at Target! She will be joining Boots, some bubbles and 4 bath books and DONE!


  1. Your theme switching cracks me up =) Kylie just got her two front teeth too...looks like we'll have some more options in food soon!

  2. I can't help it. I just want it to be perfect =) BUT I am 100% set on the bees =)