Saturday, July 30, 2011

14 Months!

Well another month has come and gone and now we have a 14 month old! Here is what Jacie has been up:

  • Went back down to size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night. The 4's fit but I think the 3's fit better and don't sag so much.
  • wearing a variety of sizes still, but usually fits 12 month best
  • NO MORE BOTTLES! She is full time sippy cup. Even night time!!
  • Finally has started to eat more meats. She is now willing to eat chicken, turkey, bologna, and taco meat.
  • Loves her veggies
  • Enjoys fruits but so far not liking oranges, watermelon, and pineapples but I will keep trying!
  • Sometimes enjoys feeding our dog more than herself.
  • Getting better at forks and spoons but no where near mastering them. When she gets frustrated she throws them on the floor.
  • Makes a kiss noise when she blows kisses
  • Can now wave hi and say "hi" while doing it
  • She is now saying "uh oh" instead of just "uh" when something drops
  • Her comprehension just blows my mind!
  • "meow" is a cat
  • "baaa" is a sheep
  • "moo" is a cow
  • For a dog she pants or snorts
  • She loves shoes... if it was up to her she would wear them all day!
  • Able to help us get her dressed. She will put her arms through the arm holes and lift up her legs for her shorts and will lift up her feet for her shoes.
  • Also able to help get undressed. She steps out of her pants and puts her hands up for her shirt.
  • Learned how to throw a ball and loves playing with all her balls... all 3.
  • So badly wants to hug and kiss the cat and dog.
  • She also wants to climb all over and push the cat around... good thing he has been so patient with her.
  • She is now dancing with her whole body, not just her head and arms.
  • Can do all the hand movements to patty cake
  • Can do "twinkle hands" for twinkle twinkle little stay
  • Will "row" her arms for row row row your boat
  • Tries to climb on everything.
  • Got tooth #7 on the bottom
  • After we get her out of her crib in the morning she knows to walk over to her changing mat and lay down on it (we took out her changing table out last month and put the mat on the floor)
  • Tries to color at restaurants
  • Brushes her hair
  • Tries to brush her teeth
  • Started sleeping with a baby doll
  • Full of curiosity and into EVERYTHING!!
This is been one of the best months (although I am sure I will continue to say that) !! I have LOVED spending all my days with her this summer and am sad I am down to my last few weeks before going back to school. She is so much fun and learning so much. I love watching her grow!!!!!

*** okay when I started writing this I really thought I wouldn't have much to say but I think this is my longest monthly update I have done yet.

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