Thursday, July 14, 2011


Backstory: A few weeks ago Jacie got 2 little ducks from one of her daddies co workers. 1 is a cat-duck and 1 is a sheep-duck. She seriously loves those things and have since she first got them. If she has 1 in 1 hand she HAS to have the other in the other hand.

After her nap today I got her out of her crib. She saw the cat one and got it off the floor. I didn't see the sheep 1 anywhere and said to Jacie "Where is the other one? I don't see it" She then went over to her bottom drawer of her dresser and opened it up and sure enough the duck was inside. I then remembered she had put them in there this morning ( 4 hours earlier) when we were playing in her room. BUT the most impressive things to me was the I had put away some clothes in there while she was playing and I covered it up, but she knew to lift up the clothes and look underneath.

She seriously blew my mind with that!!! Ben and I agree she did not get that good remembering gene from him ;)

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