Friday, July 15, 2011


This story begins ways back in February 2010 when we got the baby furniture. We ordered everything then including the toddler rail that went to the crib. Granted we knew we weren't going to need that for a while but we went ahead and did it. The furniture came in a week later except they told us the rail wouldn't be here until October. Okay, so fast forward 8 months later. I had a 5 month old and was not thinking in any way of a toddler rail! I didn't realize we never received a call from them. Last weekend I rearranged her room some, took the changing table out and moved it to my closet, moved in a few more toys from the living room into there and then remembered.... we never got that toddler rail!!!

Ben then called up babies-r-us and explained our issue. They pulled up our account and told him their records show we picked it up in March of 2010! WHA??? no we didn't. They then said they would call us back. 3 days later and no returned call Ben called again and talked to someone different yet they told us the same thing but said he would look into it more. Ben explained they might have this all mixed up with our headboard issue we had when we first got her crib.

I figured we can't convinced them that we didn't pick this thing up and would just be out $100 and whenever we decide to change her crib we would just find 1 somewhere else.

Today they called Ben back and said they found it and it was at their store!!!!!! If they got it last October they have almost had it for a year! I am just glad they found it and everything is A-OKAY!

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