Saturday, July 16, 2011

Operation bedtime bottle

For the past month Jacie has only taken 1 bottle a day at night. I wanted to try to switch her off but didn't exactly know how to since sucking on a bottle is relaxing to babies right? Okay so 2 weeks ago I decided to just try it cold turkey! We got in her rocker and I handed her a sippy cup. She grabbed it and was fine. Drank about 2oz then stopped. She was refusing it but not screaming or anything. I just thought she was full and didn't want to drink anymore so I laid her down and she stayed down. I thought "That was easy!" Well as soon and I grabbed the monitor she was SCREAMING very loud. I watched her for a bit hoping she would relax but nope. When I went in she was standing up and reaching her arm out to her sippy cup. I got her out of the crib and tried to give it to her again. Her screaming just got louder and louder and she was angry that I was trying to give her that instead of a bottle!! So I just decided she wasn't ready and caved in and got her a real bottle and she drank the rest and went right to bed.

So I started thinking how are we going to do this??????

This week I had rearranged the kitchen. That involved packing up the bottles and moving in the sippy cups that use to be in the pantry into the cabinets to take the bottles place. I then saw some 11oz bottles and thought these are nice. I will just keep these out for bedtime and pack the rest up. The 11oz bottles also come with a different/fast flow nipple. Well, as we started giving her those bottles we notice she wasn't keeping it in her mouth and continuing to suck but was using it more like a sippy cup. I thought oh good! This will get her use to more of a "sippy cup" feel. We continued for a few days then I switched it up again...

I then changed those bottle nipples to sippy cup nipples that look like bottle nipples! It looks like a bottle and feels like a bottle but is 100% a sippy cup in disguise!!!! She then did awesome and has been doing awesome with them.

Next change will be replacing that nipple with more of a real sippy cup nipple but as of 3 nights ago I can honestly say "JACIE IS NO LONGER TAKING BOTTLES" As happy as I am to be done with that change I am sad to say goodbye once again to another part of her babyhood!

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