Saturday, September 22, 2012

Big baby switcheroo!

Jacie loves "Big baby" so much! A long time ago Big baby use to live in the crib only but as Jacie got older her love for her baby grew and now Big baby goes pretty much everywhere with her. A while ago we had our first big baby incident where she fell into the toilet right before bed. It was her 1st time to go to sleep without holding big baby. She cried and cried for Big baby! That night I ordered a backup for when the next thing happened to her loved baby. Last weekend it happened... Big baby stayed at her mamaw and papaws house on accident. Of course as soon we pull into the drive way Jacie says "oh no BIG BABY!" I knew right then she was left behind. It was already 7pm when we got home so the thought of going back was not what I wanted to do.
We came inside, and we did the big switch. I went into the closet and grabbed the new one, took the tags off and came out all excited that Big baby was in mama and dada's room! I honestly don't think Jacie bought it right away. Her reaction to a brand new big baby was pretty funny. She kept looking at her and squeezing her, turning her over to look at her 'tail" (tag). Her big baby was looking really ratty and not so "new" looking.  At one point she even asked "No, other big baby" but then after that initial meeting she was okay with it. She went to bed just fine and has been using that Big baby with no problem. 


  1. Good to know! We have a baby that I need to buy a backup for =)

  2. So true!!!!! You never know when you might need a backup!