Wednesday, June 16, 2010

0 Month post

Obviously since she is a newborn this one won't be that exciting but the months to come will be better!

What is Jacie doing at 0 months?
-born weighing 5lb 5oz, 19 inch long
-wearing preemie diapers/starting newborn
-wearing preemie and a few newborn outfits- some are still too long
-sleeping between feedings
-eats 2oz every 2-3hours during the day
-starting to be more awake and aware
-turns her head toward sound-mommy and daddy voice mostly
-started tummy time and likes it
-can put herself to sleep if you just lay her down
-sleeps in the newborn sleeper of the pack n play
-sleeps 3-4 hours at night between feedings
-likes being swaddled to sleep
-likes being bathed-only cries at the end when she starts getting cold


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