Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1 Month

Jacie turned 1 month this week. I can't believe its already been a month!!!! She has grown and changed so much in these last 4 weeks. She had a doctor appointment today for another weigh in and her first round of shots. She is weighing 7lbs 11oz!!! She is such a good eater now! We are still on the preemie formula with the extra calories. Her doctor said 1 more month and then we can change her. She is also now on the chart compared to full term babies. At her 2 week she was below the 3rd percentile and now she is up to the 10th!! Hopefully by 2 months she will continue to climb.

We have been dealing with some major congestion also. It is no fun for baby and for mommy!!! Hopefully over time it will get better. Being 5 weeks early we just deal with some issue a little longer than regular full term babies do. Jacie is also putting on a nightly throw up session. She really likes to do it after her bath too! I have come to the conclusion I will just probably continue to smell like formula because that smell just doesn't go away. I can bathe her and myself and yet I still smell it on both of us!!

Jacie has started grabbing things...not grabbing FOR things yet, but if she happens to get ahold of your hands, shirt or you HAIR (ouch) she does not want to let go! She is getting srtong! She has decided she likes her pacifier now and is getting good at keeping it in her mouth and she is becoming a pro at holding up her head!

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