Saturday, June 19, 2010

This mommy finally has a hobby =)


I use to scrapbook in high school... well my version of scrapbook but I did enjoy it. I have tried a few times throughout the years to pick it up again but never would finish or even start it. NOW I have something perfect to scrapbook about and so far its been a lot of fun to do. My plans are to make 1 every year for Jacie. I just love the thought of her being 4 or 5 years old and
looking through the scrapbooks and me reading all the pages to her and showing her all the
pictures. I know my nieces love to look at pictures of them as babies and hear stories of them
so I want to do this for her!!

So here is my little preview of the pages I have done so far.

I typed up a short bit about my doctor appointments, I had an abnormal amount of appointments towards the end so I didn't write about every single one, but did at least 1-2 per month. I also still need to add stickers to my belly pictures with the number of month I was.

I printed out her birth story. On this page are pictures from the operating room

These are pictures taken in the hospital along with her pink info card from her hospital bed.

I will add her monthly page every month telling what she is doing now. This is her 0 month page.

and...her first bath page!

The next 2 pages are reserved for her newborn session pictures!! I can't wait to add more.

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  1. Katy these look awesome! Yay for being crafty I can't wait to look at them :]