Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy due date!!

I have had this day circled on my calendar for months and months. Even though she wasn't born on this day, it will always hold significance for me. It's the date I had thought about, planned around and anticipated since being told at our first ultrasound in Octber. It's still surreal to me that she is here and not in my belly. Sometimes, I think I feel her kicking and it takes a second for me to realize, wait, she's right here in my arms. I knew she was going to come early (not as early as she did though). After getting that phone call I was a nervous wreck but once we got to the hospital I knew we would be okay and was so ready to meet her! I think about the long months of anticipating her arrival, and how in just one second, she' here. I was changed forever when I looked into her eyes! Such a tiny, little girl has made the biggest impact on me and changed my life in more ways than I can count. My life is more full and my home is a happier place. All because of her.

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