Friday, July 2, 2010

Mommy diet and nighttime schedule

Yup...i said the word "DIET"!!! Last August I told myself I was going to get healthier so I lost a good 20lbs and then when I got pregnant with Jacie in October I was happy I no longer had to be on a "diet!" I wasn't the most healthiest pregnant person out there and did indulge in mostly unhealthy food but I had an excuse right? After all I only gained 18lbs with her so I think I did pretty darn good with my weight!! When I got home from the hospital I was down 10 of that and then throughout that first week home I lost another 2. This last month I have been hovering above 5-7lbs pre-pregnany weight. My stomach is no where near what it use to look like before. Its a bit flabbier!!! It's crazy that I can't button my pants I fit into when I was ONLY 5lbs lighter but fit perfectly into pants I wore when I was 20lbs bigger!!! My jeans on the other hand can button so that is still good news =) The main goal is to fit back into my work pants before well....WORK!! So...I start on Monday! Eating healthier and nightly walks with my family and maybe a morning walk with Jacie should kick start it up. I will probably also add some Wii fit or Mario DDR (I love that game) throughout the days also. I can no longer eat like I am eating for two!!! I have to do something!! Goodbye maternity clothes. I guess it's time to put them in storage!!

Last night was the perfect night for our family!! Even though we haven't completely set her up on a schedule I do know I want to start her on a nightly schedule so hopefully she will learn the cues for bedtime. We started at 8pm with a walk around the neighborhood, feeding when we got home, Jacie then took a 30-45 min nap, we bathed her, snuggled her for a bit, last feeding around 10:30 and then she fell asleep for the night. She woke up at 4:30am, ate, went back to bed and back up at 8:30!!! Jacie is doing awesome at sleeping- 6 hours in a row for a 1 month old!!!


  1. I'd love to go for a walk with you and Jacie! And Mario DDR? That sounds fun!

  2. Being summer we have to walk early. Also DDR is very fun!!! We'll have to get it out next time you are over.