Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hiccups and tongue!

Oh the hiccups!!! Thinking back when I first felt her have them in my belly and how much I loved feeling them for the weeks to follow. Now that she is in the real world I never thought she would have them ALL the time!!! She normally HATES them and has super loud and hard ones but this video is pretty darn cute. She is happy with them and making adorable sounds!! That is why I posted it =) Any other video of how she normally acts when she has them wouldn't be as cute. The worst is when she is drowsy and I lay for down for bed and as soon as I walk away she get them!!! UGH! Of course she starts crying and get mad so then we have to start all over again. I sometimes think she can do it on purpose....gets her out of going to bed which can sometimes be a trial in itself.

This video shows how much she loves to play with her tongue. When she is awake she loves to just stick it in and out =)


  1. Too cute! Loved the tongue one...silly :oP

  2. Well, I didnt realize how small they are! hmm...I don't know how to change that.