Friday, July 30, 2010

2 month appointment

was this morning. So off we went to the doctor with my list of questions and concerns and of course her daddy!! I knew I couldn't go through all of those shots alone!!! We arrived and she got weighed. 10lbs even!!! I was surprised, but pleasantly surprised. I thought she would be in the middle 9lb mark. We went back to the room and got her height measured and is now 21.5 inches long. She has grown 2.5 inches since she was born. The doctor came in and looked her over. Said she looked good and was very pleased with her growth.

I started explaining to her about our night time "issues." Since she has been about 4 weeks old she has started throwing up almost every night and becoming very fussy between 8-11pm. I thought she might have a bit of reflux but was not sure since it was ONLY at night. She said because her growth is good we could switch her to a formula to help with fussiness, gas and spit ups and then give it a few weeks and see how she does. We are going to start 4oz every 4 hours which should also help with sleep. If she is still acting like that she will prescribe a medication to help with acid reduction. So only time will tell...

We also discussed bed time. She told us she is now at a age where we can start her on a bed time routine and get her to stick to it. Most nights she is asleep by 11 but with school starting soon and both of us being back at work we would like her to go to bed by 8 or 9. So we are going start slowly and every night lay her down a little earlier each night. We can not pick her up but comfort her when and if she needs it. Her doctor said it could take 3-4 weeks for her to get it. Also we are going to start waking her up at 5am to get her in a morning routine. Although I would enjoy my last 3 weeks of summer to sleep as much as I can it is definitely worth doing for there are always naps!!!

Now on to the SHOTS!! The liquid "shot" she actually enjoyed. She was sucking it down like it was a bottle! It must have tasted mighty fine! The shots she did not enjoy so much but did a lot better than I expected. She got 1 in each thigh. They were quick but painful I am sure. I actually did good too, I only teared up!!

Next appointment is her 4 month appointment in September.

Jacie sportin' her sparkle band-aid on her leg

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