Monday, December 13, 2010

For the love of tags

Over the past month I have learned that Jacie new favorite things are tags! She is in love with them and she is stinkin good at finding them on anything that has them. I give her a stuffed animal and that is the thing she loves to chew on. If i put her on her play mat she will scoot to where the tag is and slobber all over it. Its pretty hillarious and crazy to think we have got her all these things/toys and that is what she is caring the most about.

So....I guess Jacie is not the only baby in the world who loves tags because there is a company who makes toys using TAGS! Everything they make is covered with them. I have been wanting to get her a Taggie and when I saw them pop up on one of Amazon's lightening deal yesterday I got to grab her one. It is a plush tag ball. I am pretty sure she will love it!!!!!

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