Thursday, December 23, 2010

going good

We are 1 day away from her almost full time wearing the band. She has amazed me in how she is handling it. Day 1 was good. She only had a little redness throughout the day so we decided to let her sleep in it. She did go to bed 1-2 hours later than normal but I dont know it that was band related or the fact that she passed out at 5pm and slept until 6. She would not sleep on her back though, she would only sleep on her tummy. She slept through the whole night and when she woke up her face was a bit uhm...messed up.
Her poor left eye was a bit puffy because she slept on her face and I guess the band was pushing up against it.

So she went for about 3 hours yesterday morning without it on so it could go back to normal. We spent the rest of the day with 3-4 hours on and 1 hour off and she was good. She slept with it the 2nd time last night and went to bed great and stayed asleep. This morning her face was much better!

I have been searching online for some accessories and I have ordered 2 winter hats that have already shipped so I should be getting them soon. I ordered them from here and then I am in the process of ordering some decals to decorate it from here
This is what the decal will look like!!! I can't wait to get them =)
I love it because I hope it will answer peoples questions before anyone even has to ask.

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