Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

I just love Christmas! The only problem with it is that is goes by way too fast! It seems like I am anxiously waiting for it and then its gone for another year. This Christmas was definitely one to remember. It was such a great one! On Christmas eve we go to my parents house. We start by having the kids open all their presents. We then eat our turkey dinner. After we are done eating the kids go play with their new toys while the adults open theirs. We came home and got to continue our tradition of the "star present." Growing up we opened our star present every Christmas eve night. They were always pajamas but there was something so exciting about it. Jacie got pink penquin pj's that she wore that night. This Christmas we opened all our presents too. We knew we had to be up and early on Christmas day it would just be easier on us. Ben got his Tivo he had been wanting and one of those BIG tool chests for the garage and I got a birthstone ring and the mint floor cleaner. I have been searching for an emerald ring for YEARS!!! and now that Jacie and me sharethe same month also I knew I had to have one.
I love it!!!

The next morning we HAD to wake Jacie up at 8. She was exhausted from the day before. I figured she would be up earlier. We got on the road and got to Ben's family Christmas by noon. We ate a turkey lunch and Jacie then got to open all her presents. She got some awesome things!! We hung out and were on the road back home by 5.

The next day was spent organizing and figuring out where to put all her new toys! I created a little play area for her in our living room that I will have to post a pic of later. I love it! Seeing all these big girl toys is bittersweet I tell ya! I love that she is getting older but I still miss that little baby!!!

In her star present

Her stocking at my parents house

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