Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jacie's new hair accessory!

Today was the day. The day I was so nervous about and not looking forward to. The day that has made me ask questions to myself like "Should I not have let her lay on the back of her head at night" "Should I have just put her on her tummy to sleep after all?" "Did we need to do more tummy time?" and of course, "Is this my fault?"and soooooo many more.

When we got to the parking lot my tummy started doing all sorts of twists. It felt like I was going on a job interview. I was so nervous for her. Jacie on the other hand was doing great but what would you expect from a baby who has no idea what is about to happen?

We got inside and they took us to the room. They measured her head again and said it has grown since her 3D scan only 11 days ago. They tried on the band and YUP her poor forehead was all smushed. She took it off and went out to re-adjust it. When she came back in she again put it on her head and it fit much better. We left it on for 15 minutes because she wanted to see how her head was going to react. During those 15 minutes she got to play on a rocking horse that she LOVED!!!!

After the 15 minutes were up she checked her head and said it looked good and we were on our way! We go back for our first re-adjustment (or 2nd...considering they already had to re-adjustment it) next week and then after that it will be every 2 weeks!

We have to work our way up to wearing it almost full time. Today we are doing 1 hour on 1 hour off and we will keep increasing it until Friday. By then she should be good to wear it the full 23 hours. We have to do skin checks to make sure it is not irritating her head at all. If her head continues to do good she will be sleeping in it tonight, if it looks like it is irritating we will try sleeping in it tomorrow night.

That is all I have to update now. All good things and realizing this is not as bad as I thought!!! I will leave you with some pictures of her fitting.

She LOVED this horse!! This is her when we first got into the room and after they measured her head

There she is!!!

Back on the horse while we waiting for the 15 minutes.

....and YES I am looking into decorations for the band =) She has to have style.

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