Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Short DOC band update

The first 2 days were great. On the 3rd day (Christmas Eve) she woke up VERY swollen and she had some super red marks that just weren't going away. I decided to keep it off for longer periods of time but put it on every few hours and at night. The cranial office was closed all this time so I had make the decision on my own. I was worried because I hated for her to lose that week of growth. Today we went in and they told us we did the right thing. That her head had grown so much this past week it was getting super tight on her and caused that. They did an adjustment and fixed those issue places and today we wore it full time for the first time! She did great and her head looked much better when we would take it off to check. So because her head is growing great right now we are doing weekly appointments instead of every 2 week. They are also wanting to go off her adjusted age so technically she just turned 6 months and not 7 months. That news me happy! Sooner it changes the sooner she is out of it =)

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